24k Gold Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Dr. Amato is now performing facial rejuvenation acupuncture with the benefit of 24k gold needles. Rediscover that youthful glow that you've been missing in your face. Gold needles increase the flow of energy and blood to the face creating the appearance of health and vitality we love. Wrinkles and fine lines soften and vanish with treatment as the release of tension in the muscles of the face counteracts the effects of stress. Focused micro trauma induced by the gold needles encourages your body to heal the skin and increases the production of collagen.

All facial rejuvenation treatments include facial acupressure massage and treatment with a Jade roller. The healing properties of jade and the deep massaging action transform your skin and facial contours by releasing tension, reorganizing tissue, and recirculating lymph, making you look younger!